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    Local Practices of Childbirth
    • Putting beads on babies to check for weight gain
    • Combing hair regularly for hair growth
    • Massaging baby regularly with shea butter for weight gain
    • Turning navel till it falls in place
    • Massaging baby’s head with warm water to shape the head
    • Baby crying in sleep means he’s fighting with forces and smiling means he’s seeing angels
    • Never talk about a baby’s weight gain or eating habits, otherwise it reverses.
    • You should always receive a baby from the front, when receiving him from someone else. When there is no other way to receive baby, but from his back, one must say “wagye w’akyi a enk)” which means “when ‘they’ call or take you back don’t go.” This is to explain to the baby that he/she has come to stay and shouldn’t go back to where he/she is from.
    • Put a thread from the baby’s clothing on the baby’s head to stop hiccups.

    Among many others…..

    June 18, 2018 4 comments
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