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DJ’s Christening

written by Eno July 9, 2018
DJ’s Christening

So I started mentally planning this while I was still pregnant and my initial plan was to have DJ christened at about a month old. As a Catholic, we usually do these things very early and as an Events planner, I felt I could pull this off without a hitch…. again, these were all mental plans.

After his naming ceremony at home, we decided it was best to wait a couple of months before his christening. Firstly, I wanted to handle the reception setup myself and in my present state there was no way I could even think straight. Motherhood was new to me and I was now getting the hang of it, I was waiting to fully heal, I wanted to get my weight right and most importantly, he had to have at least 3 months’ vaccinations before he went out in public to prevent him from getting any infections. I cannot overemphasize how important it is to thoroughly wash your hands before holding a new born. They are prone to so many infections and people feel you’re just “doing the most “when you ask them to. Thank God he has finally passed that stage (well now he puts everything he sees in his mouth so I think he’s pretty solid now). I also wanted his neck to be firm enough so I don’t have to be that one bratty mom that keeps asking people “Ermm could use your arm to support his neck properly? Thank you”. But come on, I believe my requests are justified. Did you read my labour blog post? Alright so you get it.

So anyway, to avoid all of the above, we decided to wait till he was four months to have him christened. We set the date for the 14th of April and had a guest list of about 120. Because of our guest number, it seemed best to set up at my parent’s home since our house has little to zero compound and it would be a nightmare giving directions. (Yup people would still get lost with google maps). Besides everyone knew my parents’ home anyway since most of the people invited were also at our traditional wedding. I went ahead to contact all the vendors: food, drinks, music, photography, videography, rentals, party favours, clothes, makeup etc. All the invitations were sent out and preparation was made. The priest had also informed us that mass was at 6:30 am that day and then the christening would be right after.

Fast forward to the day before the actual event. I packed up my stuff as well as DJ and we rushed off to my parent’s. The plan was to see to the setup (aka micro-manage. Yup i can admit to that)  with my team and then sleep over. Kobby had to work and I needed all the assistance I could get. The rental items which had to arrive in the morning ended up arriving past 8pm in batches. I didn’t sleep a wink the entire night! I kept asking myself why I even decided to do this myself. I was exhausted, sleep deprived, I had to go back and forth between work and feeding the baby. It was the worst!

At about 3am, my mother woke up and met us outside still working and decided she had had enough. She practically forced me to take a nap at least before morning. I reluctantly left everyone to sleep for an hour because I had to get ready before the makeup artist arrived at 5am. Yup 5am!


Believe it or not, I also had to make my mum up before I had mine done. In fact, I prefer to do hers any day than to hire a professional to have it done for her. She is soooooo blunt, it’s embarrassing. I have heard her utter words to a professional like “Oh why have you made my face so heavy?! I look like I’m being prepared for the coffin!” or “Is there a way to clean some of the makeup off? This is too much for me!” or “Can I use my own brushes? I don’t like the fact that you’ve used yours on everyone” Gosh! I’ve told her time and time again “Mum just because they are younger than you, doesn’t mean you have to talk that way to them. Even if you don’t like it, you don’t have to be so harsh”. As usual her response is “Oh please, makeup is supposed to enhance your beauty, not change you completely. I don’t want to look fake!” . SMH! So anyway, at least I can tolerate her shenanigans for the few minutes that I make her up.


5am was up and the makeup artist arrived to make me up. I felt like a zombie while wondering how I was I was going to make it through the day. I was done at 6:15 and everyone was on my neck saying about how late I was. Kobby had arrived and gotten DJ in the car already waiting for me. Finally I got dressed and ready and we all left. My mum, brothers, aunties and uncles had already set off. We arrived, and just like i had dreaded, mass had already started. We had to shamelessly find our seats in front with our fascinators that were all over the place. Kobby’s family was already seated and I purposely avoided eye contact with the priest.  After all, this wasn’t a general christening, it was done specially for DJ and had warned us not to be late.

We were finally done with mass and it was time to have him christened. His God-parents were called to assist us in the baptism. I was so anxious about how he would react during this period and hoping the water wasn’t too cold. Surprisingly, he was so calm as he was bent over and baptized. I was so relieved. Everyone was gushing about what a good boy he had been. I was so glad. Whew! We were done within 30 minutes and we took a few group pictures outside.

We got back to my parent’s home at about 8am for the reception which was supposed to start at 9am. I knew people were going to assume it would start later and arrive late. The few of us there, started regardless till the late comers joined. We took pictures, ate, took more pictures, drunk, spoke to everyone..took more pictures…and it just went on and on like that. It was a joyous occasion and we got so many gifts. I don’t know where I got the energy from but somehow I was able to make it though the day and DJ still didn’t cry once. He wasn’t acting fussy either. It was almost as if he knew it was his day. Kobby on the other hand had not been feeling too well the night before so he wasn’t in the best of moods. Coupled with the fact that he’s not a very sociable person like I mentioned so this was a bit out of his comfort zone. (Well anything social is out of his comfort zone. lol! ) He would rather quietly have this at home and mind his business. Unfortunately for him, he chose to marry his opposite, which isn’t my fault. Lol! But at least he tried. I’ll give him credit for that.

In the end, everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves- except those who wanted to dance but realized I had hired a gospel DJ, so any other genre of music was out of the question. That was a bummer for them. Ha! Too bad. I do listen to other genres but having my first child, I wanted strictly gospel this time but even my brothers didn’t seem to get it. Oh well…I have no regrets, next time then. And maybe next time I would let someone else handle the event so I can rest……… MAYBE!

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Stacey July 11, 2018 - 7:45 am

I cant wait to see you planning his first birthday, ( i have a feeling you have started already), lol. This is beautiful. But like your husband, i like my peace and quiet paa so i had a family only naming. Well it wasnt really planned cos no one knew i was pregnant till a month to delivery and even then they didnt believe,lol.
Beautiful outdooring DJ

Eno July 13, 2018 - 3:25 pm

Thanks! Oh wow! You were able to keep it a secret for that long?! I could never. Yes the mental planning has already begun but we still have some time lol


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