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Emy’s Journey

written by Emy July 13, 2020
Emy’s Journey

◦ Having left the comfort of my hotel room in search of an emergency contraceptive while on honeymoon, was a clear indication that I was not ready to have a baby.

I had my menses a week to my wedding and we had both planned to wait at least 6 months before I get pregnant. A month after honeymoon, after taking the morning after pill (and deworming) my menses delayed. With a feeling of heaviness in my breast, I felt something was wrong somewhere. I got a test strip just to clear my doubts and it turned out I was visibly pregnant from the test strip. I guess I’m one of the very few people to get pregnant after marriage and not be happy because I felt I was not ready. Hubby on the other hand had no problem with it. He said to me

“What’s your problem? Are you not married?”

My biggest challenge apart from not waiting for the 6 months I had planned was that , I was worried what people would say and think. I was convinced people would say I was already pregnant before marriage.

We booked an appointment at the hospital and I begun my antenatal. I weighed 54kg, when I had my first antenatal appointment. The first trimester was terrible with morning sickness, which only happened after breakfast and during the day after almost all my meals. For 3 months I could not tolerate fish or meat with any meal, the only thing I could that was close to these was egg. I remember feeling shy to buy my favourite waakye with just egg because I didn’t want people thinking I can’t afford meat or fish when in actual fact I cant even attempt to take a bite. Gradually my weeks in the first trimester were fading away and at the bulging of my tummy , I was beginning to fall in love with my new state . When my zips will not zip n flaps have to be left unbuttoned for comfort , reality dawns that , there’s a beautiful being growing inside of you.

My hour of glory came, right into the second trimester. I was renewed- so much energy, skin glow and most interesting of all, my beauty. I have realized with all 2 pregnancies, I look more attractive and beautiful while pregnant. Apart from frequent nausea in the first trimester and some occasional tiredness, I am all “fired up” during pregnancy. I wanted a girl for my first and so when the scan revealed it was , I couldn’t be any happier.Throughout the 9 months of pregnancy I gained about 14kg . At 40weeks, I weighed 63.7kg.

At 39 weeks, I started my leave and moved into my parents so my mum could assist. At this point, I was really tired and disappointed having to wake up and go to bed without any sign of labour setting in. I remember I will do a little jog around the house all with the intention of inducing labour but yet nothing.

On Sunday 13th November 2016 , I decided to join my brother for his usual evening jog. We did a 3km walk to and from home. I got home all sweaty and I took a picture of my sweaty self and sent to my husband. I took my bath, laid in bed to watch tv and I felt something move in my abdomen around 9:45pm. I decided to time it to see if it was something to write home about and for close to 3O minutes they seemed like regular contractions. I had the urge to pee and so I so I did and finally saw my mucus plug. You have no idea how good it felt knowing labour was going to set in soon and I will see my baby in no time. I quickly woke my mom (who had now decided to share a room with me) and told her I was in labour. The pain was increasing gradually and more frequently and I knew this wasn’t false labour. My bed could no longer provide me with comfort so I left my room and decided to find comfort if any, on the couch . I kept pacing up and down in the hall , bearing the pain knowing there was more ahead especially being a first time mom. Around 4am, I called hubby to come pick me to the hospital because now I couldn’t take the pain anymore. By the time he got in I had bathed and dressed up waiting.

We got to the hospital around 4:45. At the maternity ward, we went through the admission procedure only to be told I was 2cm dilated. How? Since 9:45pm? Being a primi gravida , I knew 2cm was not even a quarter of the journey so I only asked God for strength. In my room as I walked up and down, all I kept saying was God give me strength. At 10:00, a midwife came to do a vagina examination, after keeping her waiting because I was having contractions and couldn’t stand a VE, she finally did . I asked her how far I had dilated I was and she asked

“Do you really want to know?”

” Yes” I replied

“Well you are 9cm so let’s go to the labour ward”

“You are lying! I was 2cm when I came in!”

“Hurry up and let’s go to the labour ward”

All this while I was in pant, brassiere and underwear and a dress. Yes I know what you’re thinking. Who does that in labour? I had forgotten I even had those on. Thankfully, because of the last VE, the pant did not make it to the labour ward but the others did. I remember the midwives laughing at me

“Eeeeiiii wo b) brassiere?”

I was giving the needed education for this next phase and work started. I must say, I was expecting an old midwife for my delivery but when I got in there and saw the lady under 30, all I said was

“God, come and take control.”

Indeed God took control. 10:20, my baby girl arrived. We had a smooth delivery and as usual with first time moms, a little episiotomy. When baby’s head was in vagina and the midwife asked her assistant for a pair of scissors, I pleaded with her

“Ketewaa bi wai”

And in a twinkle of an eye, liquid gushed out , and here was my baby girl . With all two deliveries, my liquid gushes out and baby is here. I don’t loose liquid during labour. After placenta was taken out, I was stitched, cleaned up and we were taken back to our room.

On the 3rd day, breast milk started flowing. I couldn’t do exclusive breastfeeding because I resumed work when she was 4 months and by 11am my Mum would saying the breastmilk I expressed was finished. So at 4.5 months, we started with porridge (corn dough white porridge). She would have this and enjoy and supplement with breast milk. I tried adding formula but she refused it. We stuck to a no sugar no milk white porridge till she was was 1. After 1 , I started adding honey to the porridge , any form of milk, she would refuse. She continued with this till age 2, where I forcefully weaned her off the porridge because she will wake up at least 3 times in the night to have it. We stopped breastfeeding at 11months because although she had started having solids at 6 months and doing well , she started refusing solids at 10.5 months. At 6 weeks, I started family planning when my menses had not resumed. I was on 3 months depo provera. I did this for 9 months and stopped because I wanted to give my body time to return to normalcy so I can get pregnant around May 18. So in October, I defaulted my shot and exactly two weeks later, I had my menses . My menses had seized while I was on the family planning injection. In giving my body time to return to normalcy, I found out I was pregnant in January . It didn’t happen in May as I had hoped and I asked myself why I always got pregnant unprepared but nevertheless I was grateful for the blessing.

Today, I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls now 3.5 n 1 .5 years.

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Benedicta July 13, 2020 - 10:26 am

This is a beautiful piece my dear, but hey never worry about what others will think of you. Please enjoy yourself to the max as you make God your ultimate Judge. Stay blessed!!!

Eno July 14, 2020 - 11:04 pm

I completely agree

Naa July 13, 2020 - 8:49 pm

Beautiful story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Very good and interesting write up. I pray I also have surprise pregnancies ASAP

Eno July 14, 2020 - 11:05 pm

Amen1 It will happen for you


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